From author Terry W. Drake comes a fictional tale about a Catholic priest has witnessed the oppression and brutality that the German occupation has brought to his community. Set at Saint Francis in Bergamo, Italy during World War II, Sanctuary follows Father Damien whose primary concern is to shelter a handful of citizens who have sought sanctuary in his church.

Among the elderly and unable to travel are seven young men who stay behind to protect their families. Father Damien and his force have the opportunity to confront Colonel Anton Fahn of the German regiment that attacked the sister city of Clusone to the north. They ransacked the village and have taken everything of value that they could carry on their way to Switzerland. Their detour to Bergamo to the south has disturbed his fellow officers.

The Americans have landed in Genova, Italy just six hours to the south west of Bergamo and there is not much time left for the Germans to complete their thievery. Father Damien organizes the resistance to the German’s encroachment on their town and prays for deliverance by the Americans.

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